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Dave persuaded Jill to go to the Torquay Cat Show where Jane was exhibiting. Despite warnings about even touching cats, let alone handling them, Jane immediately took a young kitten 'Cinders' out of the show cage and handed her to Jill. That was it, love at first sight. We had to wait three whole years until Cinders had produced World Show winning kittens and wanted to retire!  Cinders is the daughter of Tonto and Crystal.  Jane delivered her to us on 28th October 2006.

Born on the 9th February 2003 Cinders is a Blue Silver Tortie Classic Tabby, with in our opinion, extra silver!  Often called 'silver girl'.

Cinders attended her first GCCF Show on 13th September 2003 and won three firsts and a second, and she just loved it.  Cinders attended her second GCCF Show on 27th September and won 1st and Best of Breed Any Other Colour Maine Coon Kitten and again she just loved showing off.

Cinders has tall beautifully set ears and very long lynx tips and a lovely strong muzzle and chin. She also has the most wonderful bright, clear silver coat and a very sweet personality.  Soon after being spayed and moving to Dartmouth she grew her big ruff and found her loud purr.

Update Summer 2011:  Cinders is a happy cat who loves visitors and is so silver!

November 2010 taken on my iPhone!

 Ohh, this is lovely!  August 2008

Am I cute, or am I cute?  June 2007

OK, got the pizza, now where is the beer?  May 2007

You don't expect me to do the ironing next?  March 2007

Cinders Nov 2006 a few days after we got her, looking for a toy?

Cinders at Jane's early 2006?