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We visited Jane in Newquay to look at a kitten.   Crystal the then 3 year old green eyed beautiful girl said 'take me not her'.   Needless to say we collected Crystal and Tonto on  9 November 2003!

Crystal is a seductive female with the green eyes of a Siren and she knows it.  Nigel Way on first seeing her exclaimed "you are a sexy thing!"  Crystal and Dave are just besotted with each other, bless........

Kassaro Christabelle, known as Crystal at home, born 11/04/2000, was bred by Sandra Turpin of Kassaro Maine Coons, she is a lovely Blue Silver Tortie girl. She is an independent cat, with a loving nature, and she knows how to get what she wants. She is very outgoing, playful, and a real show off.  Crystal had a lovely litter of six kittens in May 2001, 2 beautiful kittens in July 2002, another lovely litter of 4 kittens in February 2003, and another litter of 4 kittens in August 2003. Crystal had three 1sts at shows, a best in show and a dozen top 3 results, quite a star!

Update Summer 2011:  Crystal has finally forgiven Tonto for leaving her and is happy.  She purrs a lot and is so very lovable.  She is now 11 and we have had her for nearly 8 years.

Christmas Day 2010

In case you didn't know, I'm the cute one on the right, and that is my daughter Cinders on the left,  July 2008

Cat and Mouse, June 2007

Crystal June 2006

Crystal Christmas 2005

Crystal with her favourite husband July 2005

Crystal November 2004

Crystal March 2004

Crystal at her new home with us November 2003

Crystal November 2003 before we collected her

Crystal a little older

Crystal as a kitten