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Vidacoon Morven  born 11 May 2007 is a lovely red smoke, bred by Carrie in North Cornwall. Morven went to a new home near Redruth and didn't settle too well with his new owners and their old cat. He ended up in a Cattery for one night before we travelled to Cornwall on the 7th September 2007 on a 'mercy mission' to rescue the poor little fellow!

We are fostering him for two weeks, but we are sure he will stay with us! (but see below).

When we got him home, he was disorientated, covered in fleas,  he panicked whenever he saw a closed door and treated all newcomers with suspicion or simply hid.  But after a couple of days eating, drinking, playing and purring, he is a very happy chap.  Carrie would be proud of him now!  His pedigree is good and we think his tail has got fluffier after only a couple of days!  After a week we took him to see the vet and he passed 100%.  So now it's official, Merlin stays!!

Keeping his 'M' prefix we decided Merlin would be a good name for his new start. Thanks to Jane and Carrie for helping us.

Update Summer 2011:  Merlin is still showing signs of being badly treated when he was a kitten.  He loves Jill and Lydia but hides from most others.  He is now all but full size but his lynx tips never grew.  He can be loopy, demanding and loving, sometimes all at the same time!  Without doubt he is Jill's cat.

March 2011 basking in the sun with the new windows!

Am I cute?  May 2008

"That's it, I'm staying here now!!"
19 September 2007

"One day I might be this big?" 
(Teddy & Merlin)

"Dance Fever" that's me!

"This is more like it!"
Merlin on his first morning with us 8th September 2007