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Phoebe and Purdey were born on 1st of November 2007 and came to live with us in early December 2007.  They were both just a little to small to leave their mother, but Jane their breeder, was moving to Canada and the two kittens would not have made the journey.  We volunteered to foster them.  Of the small litter of three only these two survived.  Their Dad was Lionel and their Mum Pocahontas.  Phoebe was very small and could not really cope, we spent nearly 20 hours a day with them both in an isolation room.  Slowly Phoebe learned to wash herself and to eat out of a bowl instead of standing in it!

We had buyers from America and all over Europe wanting them, however we found a home for Purdey just over the river from us in Kingswear.  Peter and Melanie Smith now look after Purdey and she is very happy.

We were worried about Phoebe's slow development and decided to keep her with us.  She has now almost grown up and is a delightful, well and confident kitten!

Update Summer 2011: Phoebe was always small and in many areas a bit "challenged" nothing has changed!  She loves Dave & Jill to bits, but no one else!  Phoebe will always sit and ask to finish Jill's breakfast porridge and likes an early morning surf with Dave.

November 2010 taken on my iPhone 4

This is me in my proper colour!  August 2008

Cat and mouse 19 Feb 2008, see how clean my nose is now?

Stay back!

Purdey in December 2007

I just can't seem to wash that nose of mine!

Am I meant to stand in my food bowl? Phoebe December 2007