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We opened a letting agency in Dartmouth with a nice open plan office with lots of windows.  Dave had tried to persuade a nearby tortoiseshell cat to spend some time with us, even bribing her with special biscuits.  However in the Summer of 2001 Spot simply sauntered in, sat on the back of a chair, and stayed all day.  Every morning he was waiting to be let in and as he was clearly hungry we fed him.  He seemed to like us so we put a cat flap in the office door and even came to feed him on Sundays when the office was shut.  He became a bit of a local legend as the 'office cat' but we knew he had a secret life, and that he was an out and out party animal, busking and dancing the night away much to the delight of holidaymakers.

We later found out that he was called Macavity and was owned by a lady just around the corner, she was happy that we look after him and when she went to live in France gave him to us permanently.

We sold Dartmouth Cottages in 2004 and the new owners did not want him, but a friend's daughter desperately loved him and offered him a home in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, we drove him to Maxine and tearfully handed him over.  He now owns the house and Maxine!

Spot asleep with Colin 2005

Handsome Spot 2005

Spot in his new home at Market Bosworth 2005

Where is that booking? Dec 2003


Spot on his favourite chair


Spot in his new home November 2001