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Born  30th October 2003 Teddy (Dotcom Edward Bear) had an illustrious start and was Best Male Kitten and Best Kitten in Show at the Maine Coon Cat Club Show 2004. He is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter and was 18th Best Longhaired Alter in Northern Europe Region 2005. At three years old we gave him his retirement home here on 21 November 2006.

He purrs and talks constantly and likes nothing better than to be picked up and hugged. When we collected him from Jane he had sort of lost his purpose having won every show, he was also sort of rectangular in shape!  We discovered that if another cat ate at the same time as him, he would stop eating.  Dave took on this challenge and taught him to eat heartily, something we all know Dave is particularly good at!  We now had a 20+ pound boy who we tried not to overfeed!!

In late 2009 Teddy started to lose weight and cancer of a kidney was diagnosed.  Our vet removed it, the staff at South Moor Vets were so impressed with Teddy they asked about getting a Maine Coon for themselves.  Teddy sort of recovered and then went down hill again, further examination revealed his other good kidney was now under attack too.  Teddy who was supposed to be Jill's cat, now turned to Dave for help, but there was nothing either of us could do and we sadly had him put to sleep on March 23 2010.  Teddy was such a good friend and we miss him so much.

Do you think I'm sexy August 2008?

I am so hansome! May 2008

Time for another cat nap?  June 2007

Mmmmm, my favourite!

OK, which present is mine?  Teddy Christmas Day 2006

Do you know? I think I like it here!  Teddy on his first day with us.

Will you take me home please?  Teddy at Jane's 8 Nov 2006