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Grand Champion Brocstar Idle Gossip to be precise! Known to everyone as Tonto!  born 22nd July 2000.

When Sooty passed away Dave wanted a pedigree but Jill was resisting.  Dave spoke at length with Jane Turner of Dotcom Maine Coons and persuaded Jill to go to the Torquay Cat Show where Jane was exhibiting.  Despite warnings about even touching cats, let alone handling them, Jane immediately took a young Kitten 'Cinders' out of the show cage and handed her to Jill.  That was it, love at first sight.  Ironically, we now have Cinders living with us too.

Now determined to get a Maine Coon, we visited Jane in Newquay to look at a kitten.  However Tonto jumped up on the table and nudged Jill saying 'take me home'.  Crystal the green eyed beautiful girl said 'take me too, I love Tonto'.  We were even more confused when Jane said that we could have them both, as at 3 years old they were looking for retirement.  Needless to say we collected them both on  9 November 2003!

Tonto lived happily with us for the next 3 years and was a friend and a joy to have with around.  He always sat on tables, loved us to bits, demanded endless cuddles, kept us warm at night, and was the best that any cat could ever be. Unexpectedly on 4th November 2006 he died of a heart problem. We were devastated.  In no way a substitute, Teddy has now assumed the role of the big male in our household.

Tonto had a very successful show career, he became a Champion at ten months by winning his first three adult shows, and a Grand Champion at 18 months.  He won his first Grand Certificate at the Three Counties Cat Club Show on 18th August 2001, and also Best in Show Semi-Long Hair Adult. He won his second Grand Certificate at the GCCF Supreme Show in November 2001, and his third Grand Certificate at the Southern Counties Cat Club Show in January 2002.  Tonto has several children that have won many shows all over the world including Japan!


Tonto October 2006


Tonto with his wife and 'love' Crystal August 2006


Tonto June 2006


Tonto February 2006


Tonto Christmas Day 2005


Tonto May 2005 "how big is that cat?" a friend asks!


Tonto May 2005


Tonto March 2004


Tonto settling down after a few days 14th November 2003


Tonto on his first day at his new home 9th November 2003


Tonto October 2003 just before we collected him


at 17 months


Tonto with his favourite wife Crystal


Tonto at 7 months